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Check out the trailer below. To find out more, or to find out where you can catch the full length film, check our blog out…


The mission was…

“We are aiming to make two First Descents of remote Peruvian rivers, both of which drain the high Andean plateau. For the obvious reason (they’re our rivers, and we don’t want anyone else to get there first!) we are keeping quiet about the exact river names. Needless to say that the gradient and nature of the rivers mean that they will be a big undertaking.

We are planning on each river needing around 5 days on the water. The remote nature of the rivers (we cross high mountain passes to drop into the drainages) and their unnavigated status mean that we are going to have to be fully self sufficient once we leave the roadhead.

Further to the remoteness, each of the rivers offer unique challenges as trips. They start around 4000m in the high andean plateau, before descending into primary Amazonian Rainforest. The equipment we will need for each stage will be wildly varying, from being below freezing at the start of each river, to descending into and safely through the rainforest (constantly humid and wet).”

One comment

  1. yo momma · May 9, 2015

    Looks great lads, but y’all wanna be mindfull about calling these ‘your’ rivers, river gods and governments might issue the beat down.


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